Oncocare #Strut4Cancer – 2 days to go!

On the Friday, 25 November 2016, Oncocare Zimbabwe will be hosting a big walkathon, the first of its kind for the company. A series of events have been hosted in the month of November such as the #Spray4Cancer, #TreeOfLove and two shavathons, all paving way for the much anticipated #Strut4Cancer walk.

Adults pay $5 while children pay $2 to participate in the initiative. Funds raised will be directed towards children of Kidzcan Zimbabwe to afford them the chance to receive treatment for Cancer. As Oncocare, we hope that the event will bring the community together in the fight against Cancer, raising awareness about the disease as well as the locally available treatment options. With just 2 days to go, we therefore look forward to seeing people come out in numbers, showing support for the cause.

See details below on how to participate in the event. We hope to see you there!



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“I did it to help the kids”

Zeyn Jogee has a passion for people. He does an amazing job of putting together events to raise funds for people living with Cancer. He not only does it because he is an Oncocare representative, but goes above and beyond the call of duty, working late hours for the cause because he has such a big heart.2016-11-13-photo-00000062

Zeyn participated in the Oncocare shavathon in November 2016, electing to go bald in show of his support for people living with Cancer who often experience hair loss due to cancer treatment. He also organized and participated in the Oncocare #Spray4Cancer and #treeOfLove events, which were aimed at raising funds for children of KidzCan Zimbabwe with the aim of getting them treatment they deserve.

Zeyn says:

All I can say is that I did it to help the kids [of Kidzcan Zimbabwe]. Oncocare has the equipment, the facilities and drugs, so why can’t we use all this to heal some of the kids? I want us to  start with one child, then more and more and more and more! I have a passion in my heart for this, so I needed to show everyone that I am serious about the shave. Whatever little cent that we can direct towards helping the smallees counts. If we all shaved our heads for cancer and got $1 sponsorship, there would be billions! Billions to help save lives wowwww!

 2016-11-13-photo-000000552016-11-13-photo-000000642016-11-13-photo-00000059 2016-11-13-photo-00000060

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Oncocare Helping Donance Kangausaru


On the 14th of November 2016, A popular Zimbabwean newspaper known as H-metro featured Donance Kangausaru on page 9. Donance has Lymphoma Cancer  and is appealing for donations towards surgery.


As Oncocare, we have decided to help Donance by donating $500 worth of medical scans needed for surgical planning through the Baines Imaging Group. We are also pulling together our medical resources and network of specialists to assist Donance locally. We are, on behalf of Donance, appealing for financial assistance in order to help Donance get the treatment that he deserves. No donation is too big or too small. If you would like to make a donation, you can:

1. Leave a comment on our website with your email address or
2. Send us a direct message through Facebook/Twitter at @OncocareZW or
3. email info@oncocare.co.zw

and we will give you details for donations.

Please SHARE THIS POST far and wide to help us help Donance.

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